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Protect yourself.

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Sexual Assault

Learn more about Sexual Assault and some statistics that may shock you.

Could you be a victim of domestic violence?

Domestic Violence Quiz

One of The House of Ruth's goals is to increase public awareness about the dynamics of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Calendar of Events
Domestic Violence

According to the FBI, an incident of Domestic Violence occurs every 9 seconds in our country.

Signs of Battering Personality

Learn the warning signs now.


Here's how we help our community both in-shelter and out-of-shelter.

Just for Teens

Being a teen is confusing and tough. Learn how to protect yourself (even from those who say they love you.)

Power & Control Wheel

Identify common tactics used and spot abuse as it happens.

You Can Help

The House of Ruth, Inc. is a community effort dependent upon your donations.

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